Crew Chief
Crew Chief

Our Client Representation Services

On-site Representative for Pre-Buys  |  Completions  |  Refurbishments

We are obsessed with detail - this passion saves our clients time and money, while maximizing future utilization and value.

Client Savings during inspection process

On site to protect the Client’s interests

Eliminate undesired cabin discrepancies
Prevent inspection timeline delays
Protect aircraft value after the transaction
Ensure maximum utilization after final purchase
Tell Us About the Aircraft You’re Buying

Tell us about the Aircraft and Your Specific Needs

We have you covered. Regardless of your type of private jet, all of our Crew Chiefs have major OEM specific training and experience. Additionally, we have a team of professionals to ensure any finding or discrepancy is thoroughly assessed to protect your interests.

Every transaction is different, and so are the needs of our clients. Crew Chiefs has a comprehensive process of checklists and reporting tools to satisfy your objectives, big or small.


We will send a Crew Chief anywhere in the world to protect your interests

Avoid scrambling last minute for unpredictable results. Let Crew Chiefs coordinate the scheduling, logistics, and on-site requirements so you don’t have to. Our team of Crew Chiefs understand how to navigate local and regional regulations, work requirements, and unique cultural and operating environments.

Today’s complex environment causes frequent challenges such as travel, shipping, or parts delivery. Our Crew, and our industry partners, will overcome these issues to ensure your inspection is unaffected.

Tell Us About the Aircraft You’re Buying
Tell Us About the Aircraft You’re Buying

Receive thorough daily reports and comprehensive summaries

Crew Chiefs provides peace of mind by eliminating uncertainty in the inspection process. Daily, we convey our expertise and attention to detail directly to our clients. Revealing detailed discrepancies in an easy-to-read format, enabling a solution-based approach.

Beyond the comprehensive reporting, Crew Chiefs understands each client’s individual needs and we take a consultative approach throughout the inspection to support your needs.

We’ve pioneered QMS on a Global Scale

Crew Chiefs developed, in partnership with industry leading reporting software, the most comprehensive inspection review process and report in the industry.
Clients receive an easy-to-read Daily Executive Summary with accompanying report detailing each checklist item.
We highlight quote and lead times for significant findings and support clients with decision making.
Crew Chiefs are accessible to consult with clients throughout the inspection to ensure alignment throughout.
The Higher Standard of Representation for the Client

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