Crew Chief
Crew Chief

Don’t Assume, Verify

Your On-Site Representative for Pre-Buys, Completions, and Refurbs

Client Representation is a Must

Our Crew Chiefs are singularly focused on ensuring your needs are satisfied – eliminating unwanted surprises and unexpected costs before the transaction is complete, while maximizing enjoyment and utilization after the transaction is complete.

We discover the issues and squawks now, so our clients won’t later
Our priority is safeguarding our client’s interests and experience

Reduce your aircraft ‘down’ time after the deal

You can’t afford to be the only party without proper representation
Why Client Representation  is a Must
Why You Need Crew Chiefs

Get the Best Representation

We are exclusively built to be the only globally dedicated company focused on representing client’s pre-buy and completion inspections. We are passionate about driving value through unparalleled client focus.


All of our Crew Chiefs are OEM trained, strategically positioned around the world, and available on short notice


We have industry leading Quality Management Systems and a proprietary inspection process, providing comprehensive and easy to understand daily reporting


Crew Chiefs ensures each aircraft transaction is completed towards the success and satisfaction of our clients

Don’t miss out: Get the Highest Standard of Client Representation

Obsessive attention to interior and exterior details and aesthetics

Comprehensive airworthiness, compliance, and safety focus

More transparency with every discrepancy highlighted and addressed

Unparalleled daily communication with easy-to-read reporting
Steadfast protection of our clients’ interests throughout
The Higher Standard of Representation for the Client
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Client’s Peace of Mind by Hiring the Best


Tell us about the aircraft you are buying, selling, completing, or refurbishing – our experienced Crew Chiefs have you covered


We will send a Crew Chief anywhere in the world to protect your interests, and get the job done right

Receive daily comprehensive reports highlighting important issues, eliminating uncertainties in your transaction

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