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About Us

Our passion is to provide clients the highest standard representation in the private jet industry

Meet the Founders

Our management team has extensive aviation industry experience. What drives our passion is the desire to enhance value to our clients and drive a higher standard for the industry. We are unwavering in our mission to provide unparalleled client service. In doing so, we will never compromise our highest expectations of safety, ethics, and professionalism.
Chris Buchholz

Chris Buchholz

Founder & CEO

With a passion for business aviation and a keen eye for detail, Chris conceived of Crew Chiefs to raise the bar to better represent clients on important pre-buy inspections around the world. Prior to Crew Chiefs, Chris led the growth of a single aircraft private jet operator into the largest business jet fleet in the Asia Pacific Region, and into the world’s second busiest jet MRO of its kind. Chris is a former mergers & acquisition investment banker, and received his bachelor’s degree from Oxford and his master’s degree from MIT. He is a jet-qualified commercial pilot fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and French.

Warren Curry

Warren Curry

Founder & COO

Warren is a proven leader in building and scaling successful organizations, with a keen focus on exceptional client support and experience. He brings nearly 30 years of aerospace industry knowledge and operations management as the Chief Operating Officer of Crew Chiefs. Warren began his aviation career in the United States Marine Corps and remained for 22 years until retirement. During that time Warren flew multiple aircraft, to include being one of the first operational MV-22 Osprey pilots and serving as a Commanding Officer of a MV-22 squadron. Upon leaving the USMC, Warren joined ICON Aircraft and became the Vice President of Sales, Marketing, Flight Operations and Client Support.


Mark Thibault

Founder & Chief Technical ADVISOR

Mark has been an icon in business aviation for 40 years. He has held mission-critical business, quality, safety, and senior management roles for well-known operators, aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul facilities (MRO), and fixed-base operators (FBO) in the Middle East, Asia, and the U.S. Mark was Gulfstream’s head of product support for Asia. His aviation career took off in the U.S. Marine Corps as an F-4 Phantom and F-18 Hornet fighter aircraft Plane Captain and Engineering Supervisor. Mark is a land and seaplane pilot who holds an FAA A&P certificate, as well as being an ISBAO and ISO 9001 QMS Auditor

Our Business Principles

At Crew Chiefs, we share a deep passion for service excellence. We understand that to always be a world-class company, we must be very resolute about our principles and adhere to them. We are not driven by short term results; instead, our success is defined by the method of achievement — with safety, service excellence, and integrity as our core values. Our set of Business Principles are the cornerstone of everything we do, guiding our business decisions and is the foundation of our Code of Conduct.

Safety Top Priority, Always

We have an uncompromising focus to making safety our very top priority, even if that means turning away business. We understand the importance of supporting our staff when making decisions in the best interest of safety, in a non-punitive and just culture. Furthermore, every member of Crew Chiefs has a professional obligation to communicate safety concerns in a timely manner — to anyone, at any time.

Unparalleled Service Excellence

Our team has an uncommon passion for service excellence in everything we do. We take personal, and professional, ownership and pride in our Service Excellence. By focusing our efforts on our clients’ needs, we will help to secure our long-term success.

Meticulous Attention to Details

We have a strong dedication for attention to details in all aspects of what we do. It would be unthinkable for any of our client-driven team to ever cut any corners.

Integrity & Professionalism

We expect our team members to exemplify professionalism and always conduct themselves with utmost integrity. From the perspective of our clients, industry partners and fellow employees, our integrity must be beyond reproach. We do not denigrate other market participants. Instead, we prefer to highlight what distinguishes the Crew Chiefs experience. 

Outstanding Team

Providing the best service for our clients requires us to work as a seamless team. While we welcome individual resourcefulness, it would be unthinkable for our employees to put their interests above those of our clients or the Company.

Commitment for Confidentiality

We treat sensitive client information as a sacred. We abide by a strict need-to-know confidentiality policy even among our colleagues. Breaching the trust of our customers would be unthinkable, and we take great pride in strictly protecting confidentiality.

Reputation for Excellence

Out of all our assets the hardest to replace, if lost, is our reputation. We firmly believe that to vigorously protect our reputation, we must adhere to our Business Principles. It would be unimaginable to put our hard earned reputation of excellence at risk.

Equip our Team to Succeed

In order to be the best at what we do, we must proactively equip our team members to succeed, which includes providing them with the best systems, training and other resources to help them achieve world-class standards and grow professionally.

Continuous Self-Improvement

Although it is great to get accolades from our clients, we have a continuous urge to proactively improve ourselves, understanding that we should never rest on our laurels. We expect all members of Crew Chiefs to seek areas which need improvement, communicate to the organization, collaboratively agree on a solution, and implement. There is no room for complacency.

Long-Term Focus

Our long-term approach means we focus on upholding superior service standards for our clients over the long term, rather than focus on short term profits.

We are all ambassadors of Crew Chiefs, and we are all custodian of our unique brand & future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see the answer to your question here? Contact us today!

What international locations can you support?

The private jet industry is international, and so are we!  Crew Chiefs has grown a team of highly experienced representatives located internationally that can support your needs virtually anywhere in the world.   As important, we are well versed in the regional and local requirements, cultures, and operating environments.  We strive to provide the best representation and remove the stress of coordination and logistics.

Do you only specialize in certain type of private jets?

Crew Chiefs has recruited client representatives with years of technical OEM experience, to include every major OEM of private jets.  We pride ourselves on having a team of experts with their diverse experience and background to address our clients’ specific aircraft needs.  Contact us to further understand the wide range of services we can provide.

What type of transaction do you represent?

We provide client representation for all types of transactions, to include Pre-Buys (whether for the buyer or the seller), Completions, Refurbishments, Delivery, and Entry-Into-Service.  Additionally, we have developed an in-depth and comprehensive process to represent our clients’ airworthiness, maintenance and certifications needs, as well as the vital aesthetics and cabin functionality critical to clients’ enjoyment.   We have our clients covered throughout and our level of attention has raised the bar.

How much does Crew Chief representation cost?

The more important question is, can I afford to not be represented?  Private Jet transactions can sometimes be complicated, and the unknown may not be realized until too late.  We strive to ensure our clients have all the information they need to make the correct decisions, not just saving them money and time, but also increasing value.  We have tailored pricing based on the amount of representation required, as well as the location and type of aircraft. Give us a call to get a quote in real time.

When Crew Chiefs is on-site, what can the client expect?

Crew Chiefs are dedicated professionals, and exceptional client experience is our goal.  Consequently, we have a process to ensure our clients receive daily updates in the form of a standardized report, which includes a daily executive summary with additional details on activities, noteworthy findings, status of project completion, and items which require further assessment and decision making.  As important, our team is available to our clients throughout to guide them through the process.